Heavy Metals of the Periodic Table

Heavy Metals Periodic Table

Heavy metals are a group of metallic elements that have a high density and atomic weight. Some examples of heavy metals include lead, mercury, bismuth, etc.

The classification of heavy metals has been a topic of interest among researchers for a considerable time. Definitions of heavy metals vary depending on the field of study.

Currently, there is ongoing research work for the precise definition and classification of heavy metals on the periodic table

However, many researchers have proposed using the density criteria to classify a metal as a heavy metal. If a metal possesses a density of more than 5 g/cm3, it is considered a heavy metal. [1]

Lets see the list of heavy metals.

List of heavy metals of the periodic table

Here is a list of heavy metals from which you will come to know which elements show more characteristics, less characteristics and fewer characteristics of heavy metals.

Mercury (Hg): Shows maximum characteristics
Lead (Pb): Shows maximum characteristics
Bismuth (Bi): Shows maximum characteristics
Copper (Cu): Shows less characteristics
Silver (Ag): Shows less characteristics
Cadmium (Cd): Shows less characteristics
Tin (Sn): Shows less characteristics
Thallium (Tl): Shows less characteristics
Chromium (Cr): Shows fewer characteristics
Manganese (Mn): Shows fewer characteristics
Iron (Fe): Shows fewer characteristics
Cobalt (Co): Shows fewer characteristics
Nickel (Ni): Shows fewer characteristics
Zinc (Zn): Shows fewer characteristics
Molybdenum (Mo): Shows fewer characteristics
Rhodium (Rh): Shows fewer characteristics
Palladium (Pd): Shows fewer characteristics
Indium (In): Shows fewer characteristics
Iridium (Ir): Shows fewer characteristics
Platinum (Pt): Shows fewer characteristics
Gold (Ag): Shows fewer characteristics
Polonium (Po): Shows fewer characteristics

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