Periodic Table with Ionic Charges (Labeled Image)

Periodic Table with Ionic Charges

This is a periodic table with common ionic charges of elements labeled on it.

You can also download the HD image from here;

List of elements with their common ionic charges

The common ionic charges of the elements are shown in the table below.

Atomic number of elementIonCommon charge/s
1Hydrogen ion1+
2Helium ion0
3Lithium ion1+
4Beryllium ion2+
5Boron ion3-, 3+
6Carbon ion4+
7Nitrogen ion3-
8Oxygen ion2-
9Fluorine ion1-
10Neon ion0
11Sodium ion1+
12Magnesium ion2+
13Aluminum ion3+
14Silicon ion4+, 4-
15Phosphorus ion5+, 3+, 3-
16Sulfur ions2-, 2+, 4+, 6+
17Chlorine ion1-
18Argon ion0
19Potassium ion1+
20Calcium ion2+
21Scandium ion3+
22Titanium ion4+, 3+
23Vanadium ion2+, 3+, 4+, 5+
24Chromium ion2+, 3+,6+
25Manganese ion2+, 4+, 7+
26Iron ion2+, 3+
27Cobalt  ion2+, 3+
28Nickel ion2+
29Copper ion1+, 2+
30Zinc ion2+
31Gallium ion3+
32Germanium ion4-, 2+, 4+
33Arsenic ions3-, 3+, 5+
34Selenium ion2-, 4+, 6+
35Bromine ion1-, 1+, 5+
36Krypton ion0
37Rubidium ion1+
38Strontium ion2+
39Yttrium ion3+
40Zirconium ion4+
41Niobium ion3+, 5+
42Molybdenum ion3+, 6+
43Technetium ion6+
44Ruthenium ion3+, 4+, 8+
45Rhodium ion4+
46Palladium ion2+, 4+
47Silver ion1+
48Cadmium ion2+
49Indium ion3+
50Tin ion2+, 4+
51Antimony ion3-, 3+, 5+
52Tellurium ion2-, 4+, 6+
53Iodine ion1-
54Xenon ion0
55Cesium ion1+
56Barium ion2+
57Lanthanum ion3+
58Cerium ion3+, 4+
59Praseodymium ion3+
60Neodymium ion3+, 4+
61Promethium ion3+
62Samarium ion3+
63Europium ion3+
64Gadolinium ion3+
65Terbium ion3+, 4+
66Dysprosium ion3+
67Holmium ion3+
68Erbium ion3+
69Thulium ion3+
70Ytterbium ion3+
71Lutetium ion3+
72Hafnium ion4+
73Tantalum ion5+
74Tungsten ion6+
75Rhenium ion2+, 4+, 6+, 7+
76Osmium ion3+, 4+, 6+, 8+
77Iridium ion3+, 4+, 6+
78Platinum ion2+, 4+, 6+
79Gold ion1+, 2+, 3+
80Mercury ion1+, 2+
81Thallium ion1+, 3+
82Lead ion2+, 4+
83Bismuth ion3+
84Polonium ion2+, 4+
85Astatine ionUnknown
86Radon ion0
87Francium ionUnknown
88Radium ion2+
89Actinium ion3+
90Thorium ion4+
91Protactinium ion5+
92Radon ion3+, 4+, 6+

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